Best Pens of 2019

 The start of it all

I have always had this strange obsession with office supplies, Im sure if you’re reading this you know exactly what I mean. I love my pens, notebooks, notepads, clips ( only the pretty ones of course), and binders (can’t forget those!) I also absolutely love organizational products, I guess deep down all of us (planners if I need to be specific) have a tad bit of OCD! I love the variety of products out there and the awesome spectrum of colors, but most of all when it comes to my choices in which ones I own it is all based on the quality of the product just as much as the colors and the fact that they are things that bring me joy! With bringing me joy I am always on a lifetime journey to get them all!

My criteria for a good pen

When I’m out and about and shopping for my next batch of pens I am a very particular person ( I mean who isn’t when it comes to spending your hard earned money right?) Everyone has their own opinions and I absolutely and completely respect that, but, in my life I have come to highly dislike ballpoint pens! They are not smooth and they aren’t very pretty. With that being said I no longer own a single ballpoint pen. I absolutely love bright and vivid colors, I always have and always will it’s just who I am. I also expect my pens to write nice and smooth. And the biggest one of all is that I prefer pens to come in bundles soo that I have a variety to choose from when I am writing, I love to color code when I write. The pens must not ever bleed through any of the papers that I use them on, and never ever end up smearing when I use them on my stickers. I don’t let the fact that some pens don’t come in nice long term packaging be the discriminating factor on whether or not I purchase them but it’s a definite plus when they do. Jy biggest pet peeve is when the pens dry out sooo, if I can find some good ones that really last they are perfect in my book. I have a preference for click pens but if they are capped pens and pass all my other criteria then it’s still a win in my books!

Go To Brands

I have a few brands that I always keep my eyes peeled for when they go on sale, or have new colors: Pilot, Papermate, Staedtler, Tombow and TUL. I have a few of all the brands already and have never had any issues with any of them….So far(crossing fingers)

Countdown 10…9…8…

10. Gelly Roll Pens- these pens when they are fresh out of the box write smooth up until you get to the last bit of ink; if you store these pens tip up and they are not used for a while you run the risk of them not working. The downside to them is that they don’t offer these pens as a fine tip atleast not that I am aware of.

9. Juice Gel Pens- these pens take a bit of scribbling on some scratch paper in order to get the ink flowing right out of the box, they do not bleed through, they can sometimes unfortunately skip when you are writing with them but they are offered in different sizes.

8. Pilot Frixion erasable pens- these pens are fine point and have the potential to write smooth as long as you get the ink flowing right out of the box. They don’t bleed through so it’s a definite plus and a big advantage is if you tend to make a lot of errors as you write or of course, plans change you can easily erase this one and just rewrite what you want to have on there instead. Who doesn’t love nice colorful erasable pens right?

7. Pilot Precise V5 ball pens- the name is deceiving this isn’t a ballpoint pen per se, it writes very smooth and can sometimes do some slight ghosting on some planners but the colors are bright and vivid so its still a thumbs up in my book!

6. Staedtler Fine Point- Now this may not necessarily be a pen but I use them to write on absolutely everything! For all you planners that like to write very small or maybe have a lot to write about and want to fit it all in small spaces this is the pen for you! Comes in a huge variety of colors and I love them all! They do not bleed through and they are fine point, they have a no drying out guarantee on the packaging, which I love as well.

5. Erin Condren Dual Tip Markers- Another not necessarily a pen but I love to use them to write in EVERYTHING! They do not bleed through planners which is always a plus. All of them come with a fine point and a broad point. I love the cases that they come in however, I have noticed the lids don’t like to stay on very well. They come in a variety of sets and recently Erin Condren has come out with a set of 10.

4. G2 Pilot Gel Pen-These are click pens! I love click Pens! No need to worry about losing the caps or not snapping them on tight enough. These come in a variety of colors of course ( I never purchase anything that doesn’t) and they come as a fine point or a broad point with 0.5 and 0.7. the downside however, they can leak sometimes and accumulate globs of ink and the tip if not used frequently. Also, the pen can bleed through thinner papers.

3. Ink Joy Gel Pen- I absolutely love and am completely obsessed with these pens! They for one, are click pens so definitely brownie points! They come in a variety of colors and come in different tip sizes as well, they do not bleed through, however, I wouldn’t recommend them for glossy sticker paper they are known to smear.

2. Papermate Flair Pen- I have lost track of how many of these I own! They come in a ton of different color packs and continue to come out with new colors constantly! They can possibly bleed through thinner papers. They come as fine point and broader points. The downside to these is that they are cap pens and if you fail to use them frequently the tips can get all “gunked up” and stop writing properly.

1. Tombow Dual Tip Markers- These beauties come in 3 different sets, they have a fine point and broad point on opposing ends of each color. They don’t bleed through and the colors I absolutely love! They are affordable only when they are on sale (im always on the hunt for the good deals, never pay full price).

Where to find them

All of the pens that I have listed are all available in a variety of places; walmart, amazon, Target, Office Depot. The tombow markers however were ordered online through the Tombow website when they were having a sale but, they can also be found at Michaels. Erin Condren markers are sometimes found on amazon and of course are available on the Erin Condren website. I don’t know about you but I’m always on the hunt for good deals when it comes to my pens so with that being said, I always do my research before purchasing, I find some odd satisfaction trying to see how far I can stretch every dollar!

Office supplies have always been somewhat of an obsession of mine and I know I am not the only one, if I can help you narrow down your options then my mission is complete! Good luck with your pen hunt!


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